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Sleek & Beautiful

by dr Hester Radstake

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Sleek & Beautiful

Hester Radstake

Hester Radstake (www.hesterradstake.nl) is an expert in the field of diversity, inclusion and education. She provides support and trainings.

Sleek & Beautiful


Are you interested in a training on diversity and inclusion for teachers, PhD supervisors and/or staff? Contact me!

Sleek & Beautiful


Do you want support in applying the diversity scan in your organisation? Contact me!

28 september 2018 No Comments

Testimonials from participants of the teacher training

‘ I will definitely recommend my colleagues to do this training. It is both practically and theoretically well thought and I appreciate it that both aspects got balanced attention.’  ‘ The training gave me many suggestions to apply diversity sensitive teaching in practice and it also helped me to get a more realistic perspective on […]

11 januari 2018 No Comments

Teacher training

The teacher training ‘Taking up diversity sensitive teaching’ is about how to shape diversity sensitive teaching in practice. Diversity sensitive teaching aims to stimulate diversity related competences of students so they become professionals who are able to adequately and ethically deal with diversity issues that are relevant for their field of studies. Also, it is […]

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The website ‘Learning in Diversity’ contains a diversity scan, made by dr Hester Radstake. This website also gives information on the teacher training, called: Taking up diversity sensitive teaching.