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In short

Diversity sensitive inclusive instructional design

This guide on diversity sensitive instructional design is a means to do a self-evaluation of the curriculum, to get ideas for improvements and to implement and evaluate these. The strength of the proposed approach lies in the guided discussions during work sessions of teachers, students and program and course coordinators.

The proposed methodology is based on literature study, on available tools and materials in the field of diversity and internationalization in education and on my own experiences coordinating diversity scans for curricula in different fields of studies.

Special thanks

First of all I want to thank VU University Amsterdam. This guide for diversity sensitive instructional design is originally developed within the context of the two year project ‘Diversity sensitive Education VU’ (2014-2016), a project that aimed to stimulate diversity sensitive teaching at all faculties of VU University Amsterdam. Its origins lie in a smaller project that started in 2012 at Pedagogical Sciences at VU University Amsterdam and was funded by the Dutch programme of ZonMW ‘Diversity in youth care’. From 2014 onwards, the project got an important impulse from the Executive Board of the VU, which led to the start of the two year project Diversity sensitive Education VU. It was funded by financial means from the ‘VU onderwijsagenda’.

The experiences of guiding processes of diversity scans at several faculties at VU University Amsterdam and at other educational organisations in the Netherlands, enabled me to compose this guide for diversity sensitive instructional design.

Also, I am very thankful to prof. dr. Betty Leask and her colleagues of ‘Internationalisation of the Curriculum in Action’ for their great work in this field and making it publically accessible by a creative commons license (see the footer). Support for their original work was provided by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council Ltd, an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. The documents and tools they delivered have been useful for the development of this guide for diversity sensitive instructional design.

dr Hester Radstake