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Step 2a

Step 2a. Insight into the current and desired situation. Student perspectives.


In order to gain an understanding of the current and desired situation of a diversity-sensitive curriculum, two steps are required:

  1. gain a picture of student experiences and
  2. gain a picture of the degree programme.

These two steps can take place simultaneously.


What are the results of this step?

Gain insight into the experience of students with diversity-sensitive teaching and learning and their ideas for improvements.


Who is involved in this step?

An interviewer (preferably someone who is not directly involved with the interviewed students in his/her own job) and students.


What happens in this step?

Students are interviewed in small focus groups or individually about their views on and experiences with diversity-sensitive teaching and learning. Before starting the interviewer submits a proposal for the characteristics of students who will be interviewed, the form of the interview (focus group or individual) and the number of required interviews, and he or she also draws up a list of themes. This is coordinated with the core team. An anonymized report is created from the findings of the interviews.


How much time is needed for this step?

  • The required time depends on the number of interviews held. In general you should allow around 1.5 hours for group interviews, and 30-40 minutes for individual interviews.


Tools and examples


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