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Step 3

Step 3. Work plan for diversity-sensitive teaching and learning: from the current to the desired situation.


What are the results of this step?

In this step a plan is made for the short-term and long-term changes needed for the implementation of diversity-sensitive teaching and learning.


Who is involved in this step?

The core team. If there have been no student representatives in the core team up to now, in this phase it is important to ensure that students participate too.


What happens in this step?

On the basis of its picture of the ideal situation (see step 1), the core team now considers the current situation, based on the most important findings from the student interviews and the analysis of the curriculum, and draws up a plan as how diversity-sensitive teaching and learning can be realized. This may involve things like:

  • Making proposals for final attainment levels and/or learning objectives regarding diversity competences of students.
  • Creating an overview of the required adjustments in the curriculum.
  • Setting priorities (which adjustments are made when) and describing and assigning the tasks resulting from this.
  • Communicating the work plan to the subject coordinators and steering the required activities. Who will do what in collaboration with whom?
  • What support and facilitation is required? Do lecturers have the requisite competences to bring about the changes? What support do they need? How will this be achieved? [refer here to support by University Centre for Behaviour and Human Movement]
  • Identify blocking and enabling circumstances that influence the implementation of the proposed adjustments and how these can be respectively overcome or utilized.
  • Determine how and when the implementation of the plan will be evaluated, also examining the effect on students in terms of both what they learned and how they experienced the adjusted curriculum.


How much time is needed for this phase?

  • A meeting with the core team (2 hours)
  • Drawing up the work plan (1 to 2 working days for drawing it up, 1 to 2 working days for discussing and amending it)





For the required lecturer competences and professionalization:


N.B. the precise realization of the following two steps – Step 4 Implementing the work plan, and Step 5 Evaluation – depends on the scope of the work plan. Hence, these steps are described in more general terms than the preceding ones.


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