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Step 4

Step 4. Implementing the work plan


What happens in this step?

The plans for diversity-sensitive teaching and learning as set out in the work plan are now put into practice. The subject coordinators commence revisions within their subjects, new components are developed, final attainment levels and/or learning objectives are adjusted if necessary, lecturers and tutors receive the support they need (training, sample materials, etc.), the newly designed subjects begin to be taught and are evaluated, etc.

In this step it is important that the process coordinator and the core team ensure that the people implementing the plan are put in a position to carry out their tasks properly. This means that the subject coordinators must have the time to put the adjustments into practice, to consult together on this, to receive and process feedback from students, etc.

Another important element of this step is: define the method for establishing whether the proposed activities in the work plan have actually had the intended impact.



Reports on previously implemented scan and improve processes:


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