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Teacher training

Teacher training

The teacher training ‘Taking up diversity sensitive teaching’ is about how to shape diversity sensitive teaching in practice. Diversity sensitive teaching aims to stimulate diversity related competences of students so they become professionals who are able to adequately and ethically deal with diversity issues that are relevant for their field of studies. Also, it is about utilizing the diversity of student groups as a potential source of learning. To reach this, teaching has to be situated in an inclusive learning environment where different perspectives, opinions and experiences can be shared in a safe way.

What is required of me as a teacher to proactively utilize and appreciate diversity in teaching? How can I design diversity sensitive, inclusive teaching in my own courses? What does diversity sensitive teaching look like while teaching large groups of students? How do I deal with difficult moments that can occur?


The training consists of two half day meetings with a practical assignment in between.

Day 1. Based on theoretical and practical insights the concept of diversity sensitive teaching will be elaborated. We will work with practical situations of the participants. Also, you will analyse your own course by using a scan that is specifically developed for this aim and get insight into strengths and weaknesses of your teaching. Based on this, you can improve your teaching and instruction and chose a topic for the assignment in preparation for day 2.

Assignment. You will apply the insights of day 1 by (re)designing an aspect of one of your courses. If possible, you will try this out in practice. You will reflect on your design and identify some critical issues. 

Day 2. On day 2 we will use a combination of roll play and a shortened form of intervision to reflect on the experienced critical issues related to diversity sensitive teaching. The instruments that we will use are also suitable to share with your colleagues so you can together take up diversity sensitive teaching.

Practical information

Size of the group: 8-14 university teachers.

Language: English or Dutch (depending on the participants)

Trainer: Dr. Hester Radstake developed this training and will guide it. She wrote her PhD thesis on Teaching in Diversity (2009) at the University of Amsterdam. It is an empirical study on teachers’ and students’ experiences of tense situations in ethnically diverse classrooms, and how teachers can utilize this moments for citizenship education. Currently, Hester works as a teacher, teacher trainer, educational advisor and researcher in the field of diversity and (higher) education. See for more info: www.hesterradstake.nl and www.learningindiversity.com.

Interested? Questions? Please contact me at: hester.radstake@gmail.com